Early spring. Winter still lingered so there was still a chill in the air and the house was quite cold. Robert Johnson slowly awoke from his slumber. He always rose around 4:30 in the morning. It was nothing new. He had no idea why, it happened automatically and had been happening for the last year now. Just another early morning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As always, he quietly crawled over his wife and peeked in on the twins before heading to the wood-burning stove to build a small fire. But this morning as he headed to the den he saw two SUV’s slowly moving down the street, with their headlights off. The headlights being off was not the first thing that struck him as odd. It was the fact that gas powered vehicles were rare since the economy got so bad and gas became scarce and very expensive. As the automobiles came closer, Roberts peered out the corner of the window’s curtains to investigate further. The truck’s glass was tinted, but through the windshield he saw pale hands. Immediately he ran to phone Brother Lucas at the community security office located in the police precinct. Obviously, the town’s outer layer of protection had been breached. “Yeah, who is this? There’s two SUV’s on MLK and I think they…” But before he could finish he heard a rumbling explosion. “Marian, get the girls and stay in the room!” Robert yelled as he grabbed the Smith & Wesson revolver he kept in the umbrella stand near the door. He stepped into the front yard and looked down the street to see the high school two blocks over in flames. Mere seconds later, BOOM! A rocket-propelled grenade was launched at the 1st Baptist Church. One of Milwaukee’s oldest churches. This peaceful community was under attack and neighbors from both sides of the street were waking up and coming into the street, armed with pistols, shotguns, or whatever they owned! Suddenly the SUVs roared back down the street at break-neck speed while firing M16’s from the windows. Robert found cover behind a nearby bush and took aim at the lead vehicle‘s tires. The last thing he wanted was for the assailants to get away. He knew there would be no police investigation or arrest so it was up to the community to defend itself. Something they had become used to. Direct attacks weren’t common, though according to news reports, they were increasing.