Journey with the Bishop Family as they plan, politic, negotiate, and fight to secure safety and security for Black America; all while enduring personal hardships, internal backstabbing, and external sabotage from militias, the KKK and the government.

Set in a future America, chaos ensues in the now unified black communities. America isn’t the powerhouse it once was and white Americans have been hit the hardest by the phenomenal downturn. While black Americans have unified, many whites prefer turning back to prior ways.

The united states economy has crashed and other countries laugh. The only thing concerning President Reynolds is avoiding further embarrassment. He has no interest in resolving race relations.

Clifford Bishop, leader of the Council of Medina, is tasked with finding a solution to the violence. One thought resonates in his mind: divided we fall, united we stand. The journey will take forming new allies and defeating old enemies.